God as our Father

“Nothing is going to startle us more, when we pass through the veil to the other side, than to realize how well we know our Father, and how familiar His face is to us.”

Personal spirituality, while a beautiful focus for any person to have, is missing the puzzle pieces that we cannot come up with on our own. It is missing the specific revelation that God has already sent to man on earth.

Information about His plan for sending us to earth.

Information about His expectations for us.

Information about giving us weakness and trial.

Most especially information about how to rise above our shortcomings and grow closer to Him in our trials.

God has shared that information with special people throughout our history and I believe we have the words and direction of these special people in scripture both modern and ancient. Believing in scripture may not be popular but I encourage anyone who has not studied the Old and New Testament to put aside their assumptions and see what you think and feel as you study them.

I believe the pursuit of digging and searching for God’s revealed truth on earth today and as it was given throughout history is worth the search; no matter how uncomfortable, confusing, or complicated it may feel on the onset of such a journey.

The question returns however to WHY? What is wrong with the approach that what is good for one person may not be the flavor for another? When an individual is already satisfied in their faith whether traditional or personally formed, what is gained by beating down a path that could complicate, change, or challenge what is presently comfortable?

The reason in my mind is simple. God is. He has created us as His children. He knows and loves us individually. He has a mission for each one of us and that mission has to do with the choices we make in this life. He wants us each to have more than just our thoughts and feelings to rely on as we take on such a mission.

He offers His hand in guiding us with literal instructions as well as personal instructions that can come from Him if we seek that hand in our life.

A few weeks ago a heard the quote that I shared at the beginning of this post. 

That is why I write about religion and reach out to you. When I heard that and each time I read it and think about it, my heart is pierced with a knowing it is true.

That penetrating feeling compels me to ask others to consider God beyond the context they may already hold. That when you die, you will recognize Him.

You will remember Him as your Father. His face will be familiar to you. Your life on earth will become the microcosm it actually is in the history of your existence, only a sliver in your timeline.

What will you do with your sliver of time? What have you done to seek God’s guiding hand?

Here is what I believe about God’s plan for His children.